Body Brushing

Body brushing also known as dry body brushing is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries by Russians and Scandinavians and in Ayurvedic health practices. Dry body brushing has many health benefits which includes stimulating lymphatic flow, improve circulation and exfoliate skin which will make the skin feeling soft and smooth.

It is a very efficient way to remove dead skin cells from around your body and improve lymphatic flow allowing a natural detox process for the body. This practice will allow the skin to rejuvenate by allowing pores to unclog which will help remove toxins and improve ability to absorb nutrients via transdermal vitamin or mineral application such as transdermal magnesium oil or a bath with Epsom salt. It is very easy to do and will take only 5 minutes of your time which you can incorporate as part of your daily routine.

You will need a body brush with firm bristles made of natural materials which can be found in most health food stores. Synthetic materials are not helpful as these can cause problems with your health since a lot of synthetic materials are known to interfere with hormone production and cause a whole host of other issues.

For the practice of dry body brushing you will need to remove all clothing. It is best to try do this in the morning before a shower as it can jump start your day by giving you a boost of energy.

Begin at soles of your feet and gently brushing your feet Work up your calves. Work your way up with each leg brushing upwards in the direction of your heart. Remember to brush the back of your knees and thighs. Use even and smooth strokes for brushing. Never brush with too much pressure, it is best to do this gently.

Moving on to your upper body make sure to brush front and back. Brush your abdomen and chest area. On your abdominal area use clockwise sweeps, following the direction of your digestive system. Adjust the pressure of the brush to the different parts of your body so it is comfortable as some areas will be more sensitive or use a softer brush for those particular areas. The brushing should feel stimulating enough to increase circulation but gentle on your skin. Brush as much of your back as is comfortable to reach or get your partner to help you.

Repeat the brushing process with your arms by starting with the palm and brushing the full length of each arm. Brush your hands and arms, again moving brush towards heart. Make sure to brush under arms too. You may also finish off this practice using a natural soft bristle brush for the face area.

Always use natural body wash during a shower and natural lotions after a shower as body brushing increases the absorption ability of the skin.

Most people immediately feel the benefits of dry body brushing after just one session making the skin feel softer and smoother. However, to feel full benefits of dry body brushing you will notice these increase with more practice.

It is normal to see a rosy flush to the areas you have brushed but it should never look or feel sore.

Although dry body brushing is recommended you can also do body brushing on wet skin. You may find it is easier and has a less abrasive and scratchy feel. You can do it immediately after or during a bath or shower.