Apple Cider Vinegar

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple Cider Vinegar also known as ACV, is a vinegar made from cider or apple must. It is usually a light to medium amber color and just like most vinegars has a sour taste. Unlike other vinegars such as distilled white vinegar it contains mother of vinegar, a form of acetic acid bacteria which is produced through the fermentation process.  It is commonly used in salad dressings and can be used as a natural food preservative or as a drink mixed in water.

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV has many health benefits which includes:

Boosting immune system

Improve digestion

It helps greatly for a weight loss solution as it promotes fat burning.

ACV has antibacterial properties and

ACV can help prevent indigestion, acid reflux and heartburn

Relieve the symptoms of stomach bugs such as diarrhoea.

Lower blood sugar levels

Improve cholesterol levels

Promote fat burning and weight loss

It can help with detoxifying aluminium. ACV contains malic acid which can help remove aluminium from the body. Studies have shown that Alzheimers is associated with heavy metal toxicity such as aluminium.

Helps to remove parasite infections. ACV can help with internal parasite infections such as pinworms. It is also great for any fungal growth which can also be used topically.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Internal Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

Always dilute with water especially for internal uses. You can use ½ teaspoon to a maximum of 2 tablespoons of ACV in an 8oz glass of water. You can drink this daily to get the many health benefits of ACV. Gradually work up the dosage by starting with ½ teaspoon until you get to the maximum dosage of 2 tablespoons per day so that you can observe any reactions. To avoid enamel erosion drink your ACV with a glass straw, rinse your mouth thoroughly after drinking and only brush your teeth after at least 30 minutes of drinking the diluted ACV.

External Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

Hair conditioner and shampoo

A rinse of ACV diluted with water can be used as a hair rinse. This is effective as a conditioner which can help restore natural oils in the scalp leaving you with shiny hair. Mix 1/2 to 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (ACV) with 8 ounces of water. You can experiment with the amount of ACV for your hair type. If you have dry hair consider using less ACV or if you have oily hair use more ACV.

If the smell is unpleasant you can use an essential oil to the mix. If you are using any other shampoo, after doing so apply the ACV mix to your hair. You can then rinse your hair very briefly or leave this on. You can also skip other shampoo products and simply use ACV as both a shampoo and a conditioner in one.

Eczema and dry skin

ACV may be applied topically on the skin and helps conditions such as eczema and dry skin. For eczema and dry skin you can use ACV undiluted or diluted in water.

Precautions and Warnings

Never drink this vinegar without diluting in a glass of water as it is highly acidic. You can try to take 1 teaspoon mixed in a glass of water. If you need to sweeten it to offset the sour taste try adding a teaspoon of maple syrup. If you are going to include ACV in your diet it would be wise to use a straw to avoid damaging your teeth.

Side Effects / Toxicity

When taken internally ACV should always be diluted due to the acetic acids. In extremely high amounts ACV may contribute to bone demineralization due to excessive use. When brewing a bone broth usually ACV is added to help leech the minerals from the bones which implies that if taking excessive amounts internally it may eventually lead to bone demineralisation. No major studies have been done to suggest toxic effects of ACV however some anecdotal reporting suggest that ACV can cause a burning, especially in the case when it is applied undiluted topically which may be due to prolonged use.

There is a risk that the ingestion of the acetic acid may cause injury to soft tissues of the mouth, throat, and stomach. However this may be due to high amounts of acetic acid and the case when using undiluted.

Buying Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is available widely across many health food stores and also available online.

Important notes for buying Apple Cider Vinegar

In order to make sure you are getting the best quality only buy the unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar. Look for raw and unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar for optimum health benefits.