Papain, also known as papaya proteinase, is a cysteine protease enzyme found in papayas and can be used where the diet consists of heavy meat proteins. If you do consume meat papain will be useful to add into your diet. Papain has been used for centuries to help aid digestion especially helpful for people who eat a lot of meat and for people who have digestive or pancreatic problems.

This enzyme can help break down proteins. Papain has also traditionally been used as a meat tenderizer. This protein digesting enzyme has the ability to remove the proteins entangled and embedded in the mucoid coating of the intestines. Taking papain during pregnancy is UNSAFE and should also be avoided if breast-feeding. If you are allergic to pineapple or latex you might have an allergic reaction to bromelain or papain.

You can get papain from the papaya fruit but consuming the fruit won’t do the trick, at least a teaspoon of the papain seeds should be consumed with your meals. You can also purchase papain extract supplements preferably avoiding any fillers or additives.