Water Distiller for Pure Water

If you want to drink pure water a water distiller might be the answer. A water distiller works by boiling water and transferring the steam droplets into a separate container. The result is water that has been stripped of any dissolved solids which includes inorganic minerals that cannot be utilised by the body, harmful bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals.

Chlorine and fluoride are used in most municipal tap water. These halogens are known to be harmful and displace iodine within the body and causing iodine deficiency which can lead to thyroid problems. A water distiller removes these halogens.

Should I buy a water distiller? This all depends on the current state of the quality of water you are drinking. You can get the water tested. Usually most municipal tap water are very much contaminated, often you can determine how bad the water is just by taste.

Read how to test your water for more information.

How much does a water distiller cost? Prices usually start from £100 upwards.

What other alternatives are there? A general home filter jug are designed to remove chlorine but we do prefer a distiller.

What about my electricity bills? The cost is usually 25c or 15 pence per litre of distilled water. You can easily use boiled water to reduce the time and energy. This may also help with keeping your distiller in a good condition. Some people even use hot tap water, however if your tap water also uses same boiler as the central heating of your house this may run your heating bills higher so it might not be as cost effective.

Is it safe for long term use? There is much debate within the health community regarding the effects of using distilled water. According to some sources distilled water can remove the body of minerals thereby causing mineral deficiencies. However if you are getting enough minerals through diet and supplements this should not be be a problem. According to other sources distilled water attaches to inorganic minerals stored in the body that cannot be utilised by the body.

It is thought that because distilled water is stripped of all minerals it is dead water. In order to bypass this you can remineralise the water by adding natural sea salts such as celtic sea salt or pink Himalayan salt. You can also add fresh lemon juice.