Should I Supplement My Diet?

Due to modern day lifestyle and the increasing strains of bacteria and the number of diseases increasing it is now more important to supplement your diet. If you are not eating adequate fresh fruits and vegetables, if your diet does not include organic produce, you are constantly stressed, feeling depressed and fatigued you are very likely running low or becoming deficient in several vitamins and minerals.

The sicker you feel the more the deficiency in many nutrients and these will need to be addressed. In fact a good indicator of whether you may be deficient in nutrients is your general health and well-being. A blood test can determine the level of certain vitamins and minerals as well as other tests. However there is evidence with more common deficiencies existing although every individual has different amounts of deficiencies. As well as deficiencies there can also be an excess of certain vitamins and minerals so different factors needs to be taken into account. It is also important to address these nutritional deficiencies as they will also help the body to fight any resident parasites.

Modern day farming has changed the nature of food so much that deficiencies can also exist in the very food we eat and we simply cannot eat the amount of food that would be required to gain sufficiency on certain nutrients.

Also the kind of diet you have adapted to can determine certain deficiencies such as a vegan diet which is known to be low on Vitamin B12 and Zinc. Some paleo diets can be extreme where there is too much protein and insufficient fiber.

Another common factor is climate, in nothern climates there are more deficiencies of Vitamin D3 especially for people who do not get enough sunlight. This is where supplements can assist in your health and well-being and should be considered for supplementation. Some people can be low on stomach acid, HCL and not be able to absorb nutrients, so whilst supplementing can help there are many things that will need to be addressed and determined.

Stay tuned for more articles coming up that will cover step by step guides on making the most of supplementing.