Nontoxic Healthy Cookware

Most commonly used pans are incredibly toxic for overall health. Non-stick pans (such as aluminum pans) coated with a synthetic polymer called polytetrafluoroetheylene (PTFE), also known as Teflon, release fumes when used at high temparutures. These same toxic fumes may kill pet birds and cause people to develop flu-like symptoms. The flu associated with this is known as Teflon Flu and scientists describe it as "Polymer fume fever".

Ingesting particles that flake off scratched non-stick cookware is not toxic as the solid PTFE flakes are inert, the main issue is the exhuming fumes produced by high temperatures.

Some of the health problems associated with long term exposure to toxic pans include:

  • smaller birth weight and size in newborn babies
  • elevated cholesterol
  • abnormal thyroid hormone levels
  • liver inflammation and weakened immune defense against disease

Here are altertanitive healthy nontoxic cookwares:

Stainless Steel (Surgical Grade)

If using stainless steel it is best to invest in surgical grade as the lower quality stainless steel which is commonly used is mixed with other metals that can spell trouble for the body by leeching chrome or nickel increasing body toxicity. There are many brands of surgical stainless steel cookware but are affordable when purchasing as a set. One set that is most affordable and sourced is currently being sold by HoffMayer, a great value 19 pc set.


Cast Iron

Cast Iron is a great solution for healthy cooking. Whilst the pans are quite heavy to use and perhaps not easy to manage for someone with athritis they make a healthy great addition to the kitchen. Benefits of using cast iron include the addition of iron in the diet, an essential nutrient for all the cells in our body helping transport oxygen through hemoglobin in the blood and myoglobin in muscles. These pans are a great iron booster especially for those sufferring with aneamia. There are many brands to choose from. One of the greatest advantage of using a cast iron pan is its durability, with love and care it can last for many many generations. Just imagine passing down one of these to your great-great-great granddaughter.

Lodge does a great 5 piece cast iron set ready and pre-seasoned.


Clay Cookware

Clay cookware is not only a healthy choice as it is naturally inert and non reactive, but creates the perfect flavoursome dishes you could imagine.  Most clay cookware that can be commonly found in many shops are glazed. Glazed clay cookware are a healthy choice as long as the pot does not get scratched which can unfortunately release lead into food. There are many vendors supplying unglazed clay cookware. One of the best things about clay cookware is the variety of style, shape and sizes. They make a very attractive addition to any kitchen.

Himalayan Salt Block

Whilst cast iron cookware may not be all that healthy for men as they are likely to have an intake of too much iron cooking food in a salt block is a healthier option. The himalayan salt block is a large piece of salt shaped into a block for the purpose of cooking. Using a salt block it is best to avoid adding additional salt as the block will natually season food in the cooking process.