Natural Sunny Vitamin D

Are you getting enough Vitamin D? If you work long hours in an office or constantly cooped up indoors chances are you rarely get enough sun which means your Vitamin D supply could be very low. In today's pandemic of multiple diseases one of the major Vitamins which can help tackle any health problems is Vitamin. We need Vitamin D not only for strong bones but also our immune system.

One of the most natural source of Vitamin D where available is the Sun. It gives freely of it's wonderful healing rays. If you live in the northern temperate climate getting Vitamin D from this source is difficult. However the sun’s Ultra Violet rays can be very damaging to skin cells. These UV rays can be very high throughout the day.

The best times to expose your skin to sun rays are early morning during three hours after sunrise and three hours before the sun sets as during these times the rays are not as intense. It is best to also use a natural sunscreen to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays.