How to Reduce Air Pollution

Pollution is everywhere and is linked to millions of premature deaths around the world. The air we breathe today is detrimental to health. Most pollutants include those from gas exhausts in vehicles especially diesel cars, gas cookers and wood burning stoves and the use of energy through fossil fuels. VOCs and formaldehyde is taking the front stage in the home mostly from paints, furniture, cleaning products and more.

Beijing has the most toxic air pollution causing many deaths every day. Unfortunately many other countries and cities are heading in the same direction. It is incredibly vital for health to take action in order to avoid contributing to higher levels of air pollution.

First it is important to stop doing things that contribute to air pollution. The following are things everyone can do to stop contributing to air pollution:

Give up smoking

Cigarette smoking contributes to poor air quality and detrimental to health. The cigarette filters also contain toxins that are harmful and contribute to pollution

Drive less

Most people use their car everywhere. Try to use public transport especially eco-friendly transport. Cycle more and if it is just a trip to local stores walk instead. If driving consider doing it efficiently by trying to make sure you can do everything in one trip instead of several times.

Stop using toxic products (beauty products and household cleaners)

Beauty products and household cleaners contain many harmful chemicals. Use safer eco-friendly cleaners and natural beauty products. Not only will your home be sparkling clean, but you will be much healthier as a result. Try to replace everything you use with more natural products.

Reduce energy consumption

Do not leave your electronics on idle mode. If you are not using them simply turn them off. Try to also reduce how much gas you use if you have a gas stove. Use energy efficient light bulbs around your home. By using less energy you not only save money but help reduce use of fossil fuels which contributes to air pollution. Keep your home well insulated so that you do not need to use as much energy for heating your home.

Use energy efficient appliances

Use only energy efficient appliances. In warmer weather use an outdoor clothesline instead of a tumble dryer. When using a kettle use only as much water as needed.

Eat local produce or grow your own food

Eating food grown locally means less transport mileage with reduced air pollution. There are many farmers markets with healthy produce. If you have a garden or access to land consider growing your own food, not only will you help to reduce air pollution but you get the nourishment your body needs.

Whilst regulations and government bodies take time to clean up this mess it is imperative to do as much as you can now to reduce most of this pollution.

You can use the website to track air quality in the city or town you live.

If pollution is incredibly bad and even visible (smog) consider using a face mask to avoid breathing in harmful toxins.

If your city is extremely polluted or you are having many breathing issues consider taking extra measures to improve air quality. In fact everyone can benefit from making the necessary changes.