Growing and Eating Sprouts

Sprouts are a healthy addition to any kind of diet. All grains, nuts, seeds legumes and pulses have phytic acids which need to be removed by soaking process. When phytic acids are present in these food the digestive system is unable to process the nutrients.

Sprouting increases nutritional value, usually by three times their original nutritional content. There are two types of sprouts. The first type are sprouted grains, nuts, seeds pulses, beans and legumes. The second type of sprouts are micro greens. Some of these sprouts are edible raw, however some seeds and beans such as kidney beans are toxic raw.

Equipment required for sprouting:

Mason Jars Mesh screens (usually a mosquito net does the job)

Rubber bands

There are also germinators designed for sprouting Sprouted Seeds

Method for mason jar sprouting, use about half a cup of seeds to experiment with.Soak in jar for 8 - 12 hours, soaking time is dependent on the type of seed used. Use a sprouting chart to check for soak time. After soak time, place your mesh screen with rubber band and drain the jar of the soaked water. After this rinse at least twice a day, you can do this once in the morning and once in the evening usually keeping a twelve hours gap. You will see that the sprouts increase in volume as well as nutrients. They can be eaten raw in salads or even sprinkled on soups. Grains can be made into nutritious sprouted breads. Sprouted Micro Greens Micro greens need a growing medium, a tray and some watering. Place growing medium in tray, sprinkle seeds evenly. Cover seeds with vermiculite and cover with something to shade the tray so that the seeds can germinate. Micro greens do not need direct sunlight.

Benefits of Sprouting

  • Removes phytic acids in order for better nutrient absorption
  • Increases nutritional value by at least three times
  • Increases volume of food, a half a cup can produce upto three times more
  • Variety of seeds to sprout thereby giving more food choice
  • Affordable way to eat organic as the seeds can be purchased in bulk