Removing Toxic People from your Life

Unfortunately mental health is becoming a bigger health concern than most physical conditions. Stress whether it is from home or work is likely to contribute to many underlying health conditions. It is important to work out any external surrounding conditions contributing to depressive, raging or angry thoughts.

How to know and identify the toxic people around you

Usually these people can create havoc whether at home or workplace. It is rather unfortunate but even these individuals are likely to be suffering from these mental conditions. A person may appear to be angry and it would seem like it is their nature to either pick a fight or create a stressful challenging situation. It’s even more tough to deal with especially when the toxic person happens to be a relative. First it is important to know which person around you is toxic before you can actively deal with the situation.

Is the person often moody?

Are they constantly picking a fight?

Do they have a negative attitude?

Do they yell and shout often?

Are they abusive verbally or physically towards you or others?


How to deal with toxic people around you

When a person is physically abusive towards you it is important to seek help immediately, this means contacting emergency line and your local social services.

There are two options for this and each depends on your situation.

The first option is very straightforward, remove this person from your life. This takes a lot of energy and courage however for your own health sometimes this is the best remedy. If this person is someone you have been dating recently it may be a lot easier to end the relationship, however if it has been a long term relationship extra steps need to be taken. Prior to disappearing from the person’s life you may wish for a reconciliation to see if the relationship could work out.

Another scenario is where the person is a member of the family and this option may be hard to apply either because you are sharing accommodation or there is no other viable option to do so. In this case if no reconciliation can be met with this person it is best to avoid being around any negative situations that may arise with this person.

The second option is reconciling your differences helping the other person as well as helping yourself to avoid remaining subdued in negative thought patterns. Often times this will be best applied in marriage situations.

Surprisingly enough these are not the only negative situations you may find yourself in. Toxic people can simply be others who do not align with your intentions and this could even mean a business partner you have fallen out with or are having doubts with.

Accompanied with these options it is also best to include a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Improve your health and diet

This can have the greatest impact on your relationships with other people. The reason for this is because when we are in a healthy state of mind and body we are naturally in a state that allows us to make wiser decisions in life. Although it may not be easy adopting a healthy lifestyle as the process itself requires a lot of detoxing which will release a lot of toxins and emotions it is the best choice you are making for yourself. Whilst eating healthy is a good start, cleansing the body of nutritional disharmonies can take years as throughout one’s life a lot of heavy metals and other toxins are accumulated. Many mental health conditions which cause emotions of anger and other disturbances are often related to toxicity and nutritional deficiencies.

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