Eating Healthy on a Budget

Eating healthy can get expensive if you are trying to eat clean and organic. Here are some tips on how to reduce your costs when eating healthy:

  • Join a community food growing garden where produce is shared amongst volunteer growers
  • Start gardening, greens are easier to start with.
  • Grow micro greens since they are very easy to get started with
  • Sprout legumes, seeds and soak nuts such as almonds. Sprouting will increase nutritional value and bulk up amount of food
  • Forage for wild food, it helps to start with a local forager who can take you through wild food walks. This is only recommended if you can increase your knowledge in wild food as there are poisonous foods that would need to be avoided.
  • Shop in local markets for your fresh fruits and veg rather than convenient supermarkets as produce can be cheaper from local markets.
  • Some conventional supermarkets such as lidl and aldi can be cheaper but these stores may not be accessible in all countries.
  • There are certain fruits and vegetables that you can get away with not eating organic, some examples; melons, coconuts, pineapples,
  • Never buy more than you will eat so that you can reduce food waste.
  • If you do buy in bulk which can save money it is best to freeze the produce, bananas can be frozen if you see they are becoming too ripe as well as many other fruits.
  • Invest in fruit and veg scrubbing brushes to help wash off any pesticide from veg or fruits that you cannot purchase organic
  • Use apple cider vinegar or a calcium bentonite clay solution to remove pesticides from fruits and veg.