Daily Morning Routine – 10 Habits that will transform your life

1. Stretch your body

Just before you get out of bed stretch your body. Most who are rush to get up forget their natural instinct to do this. The body has been still for around 8 hours of sleep, think of your stretching as a warm up to get started throughout the day.

2. Fix your bed

It’s good for the mind to keep your room tidy and organized. Messiness is associated with a lack of control by keeping your room tidy and always visually appealing this will have a calming effect on your mind.

3. Use a tongue scraper

This will help remove harmful bacteria on the tongue. As we sleep throughout the night most of the bacteria from in the mouth ends up on the tongue. Removing this will have a good impact on your oral health which will lead to overall health and well being. It is also helpful for removing any bad odour in the mouth.

4. Oil pull

Use coconut oil and oil pull for 15 minutes. Oil pulling is an ayurvedic practice that has many benefits which includes loosening plaque and making your mouth feel fresh and clean.

5. Practice body brushing

Body brushing helps stimulate lymphatic flow, increase circulation and which will help with removing toxins. Your skin will feel smoother with consistent practice.

6. Brush your teeth with natural toothpaste or tooth powder

Avoid the use of chemicals and harmful additives in oral products. Especially avoid fluoride and even certain so called natural toothpaste that include glycerin as this ingredient will prevent remineralization of teeth.

7. Drink Sole

Sole will help energize and recharge your body. A daily drink of sole can help balance sugar levels, regulate blood pressure and maintain cell function.

8. Practice diaphragmatic breathing for 5 minutes

It’s good for your brain to increase your lung capacity and it will help act as a form of meditation by relaxing your mind as you will be completely focused on your breathing.

9. Positive Affirmations

Set forth in your mind all your positive affirmations for the day. When we have negative thoughts they are usually stress related, by entertaining negative thought patterns this can directly produce emotions that can cause changes in the body which are not beneficial. By using positive affirmations you will create a positive effect on the body.

10. Eat a healthy breakfast

Charge your day by eating a nourishing breakfast. Your first meal of the day should be healthy and packed full of energy.