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Natural Medicus is an online resource on healing, health and wellbeing. Read over hundreds of useful articles on healthy tips and remedies. Stay up to date with the latest news in the health arena.


About Jasmine Miah – Founder, Editor


I’m Jasmine Miah, a passionate researcher and writer on health and natural living. With years of experience in healthy and natural organic living I have found that it is impossible to keep up with everything that can help a person achieve the health and wellbeing they seek.

Being a practitioner of natural remedies, solutions and natural organic lifestyle for health and wellbeing I designed this site to help advocate a holistic natural way for healing in today’s fast paced and incredibly toxic environment in a very systematic way.

On this site I cover topics such as Detox, Cleansing, Diet and Nutrition, Sexual Health, Healthy Living, Relationships, Alternative Therapies, Remedies and more. I also write books to help others unlock their full potential by integrating a full healing spectrum in order to rewire the body for optimal living. I love and enjoy cooking and share recipes that are in alignment for optimal health and wellbeing.

The intention of this website is to share important health information to help people make healthier choices in their lives. Wishing you well on your journey to healthy living.


Jasmine Miah